Create your own prepaid plan!

Lemontel Mobile gives you the opportunity to create your own prepaid plan based on what you need. 

Voice Plans (Currently only available for the Philippines)

(No. of Minutes)

30 €3 7


SMS Plans

(No. of SMS)

60 €1 7
 180 €3 7


Data Plans 

(No. of MB)

15 €1 7
 50 €3


 120  €6  7


Choosing your plan is easy!

  • First make sure you have topped up your mobile phone
  • Call 800-35800 to listen to the available plan options and choose what suits you
  •  Press 1 for Voice Plans (only Voice Plan to Philippines currently available)
  • Press 2 for SMS Plans

o   Press 1 for the SMS 60 Plan

o   Press 2 for the SMS 180 Plan

  •  Press 3 for Data Plans, hear your options and select your plan

o   Press 1 for the Data 15MB Plan

o   Press 2 for the Data 50MB Plan

o   Press 3 for the Data 120MB Plan


When you have finalized your choices, you will receive an SMS confirming your chosen prepaid plans. Make sure you are a Lemontel subscriber and that you have a sufficient balance before selecting your plans.